How To Reset Iphone 7 Home Button Not Working? — Expert answer

How To Reset Iphone 7 Home Button Not Working?

If your physical home button isn’t working and you don’t want to rely on its digital replacement, try hard resetting your iPhone. To do this, hold down the sleep/wake and volume down buttons for about 10 seconds. If all goes well, your home button will come back to life once your iPhone turns back on.

What Happens When A Hard Reset Doesn’t Work On IPhone?

Try and Force Restart your iPhone EXACTLY as shown below and see whether that resolves the issue: Press and quickly release Volume UP button. Press and quickly release Volume DOWN button. Press and Hold the SIDE button until an Apple logo appears and then release the Side button (Can take up to 20 seconds.

How Do I Fix An Unresponsive IPhone Screen?

Try restarting it normally by simultaneously holding the Side button and Volume Up/Down button on the iPhone X and later models (hold only the Side/Top button on the iPhone SE (2020)/iPhone 8 and earlier models). If your touchscreen is still responsive enough to swipe the Slide to Power Off slider, swipe it.

How Do I Restart My IPhone With Buttons?

– Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button while pressing and holding the Home button on the front.
– When you see the Apple logo, release both buttons.

Why Can’t I Press Down My Home Button?

This is the most common problem with the home button lagging and can be caused by a software flaw or just because your phone needs a reset. Thankfully, it is usually a quick fix! … Before restoring your device and upgrading the iOS software, make sure all data is backed up to either iCloud or iTunes.

How Do I Get My IPhone 7 Out Of Disabled Mode?

For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and iPod Touch 7th Generation: Hold down your Top (or Side) and Volume Down buttons at the same time. When you see the Apple logo on your screen, do not let go of the buttons. Keep holding both until your device enters Recovery Mode.

How Can I Reboot My IPhone 7?

– Go to your iPhone 7 Settings.
– Scroll down and tap ‘General’.
– Scroll all the way down and tap ‘Reset’.
– You’ll see a few options. You want to tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.
– Tap on ‘Erase iPhone’. …
– Enter your Apple ID – another security measure.
– Tap ‘Erase’.

Why My Home Button Is Not Working?

Restart the Device Restarting your device proves to be a masterstroke when your Android phone’s virtual keys suffer the effect of a normal software malware. Reboot your device by long-pressing the Power Button. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the home key functioning fine as soon as your phone restarts.

How Do I Force My IPhone To Restart If My Home Button Doesnt Work?

Press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

Why Is My IPhone 7 Home Button Stuck?

Twist and Spin the Device for a Stuck iPhone Button Take it out of its case, if it is in one. Hold the Home button down firmly. Then, twist the phone in a clockwise motion. Apple recommends this method because it can loosen the button in its holding circle if it has become jammed.

How Do I Restart My IPhone Without The Power Button And Black?

Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your iPhone. Tap General > Accessibility, scroll down to find “AssistiveTouch” option, then turn on the switch. Step 2: Click “AssistiveTouch” on your iPhone screen, then tap on Device > More > Restart. Your iPhone will be restarted at once.

How Do You Reset A Disabled IPhone 7?

Press and hold the POWER/LOCK key until you see the recovery mode screen. iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN and POWER/LOCK keys at the same time until you see the recovery mode screen. All other models: Press and hold the HOME and POWER/LOCK keys at the same time until you see the recovery mode screen.

How Do I Reset My IPhone 7 To Factory Settings Without A Password?

– Go to the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. …
– The process will take a couple of minutes to complete. …
– Open Safari or any browsers on any of your device > Enter > Log in with your Apple ID and password.

How Do You Reset A Frozen IPhone?

– Press and release the volume-up button.
– Press and release the volume-down button.
– Press and hold the side button until the screen turns off and then turns back on. You can release the side button when the Apple logo appears.

How Do I Factory Reset My IPhone 7 Without A Computer?

Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Once you see the logo, let go of the buttons. Once your iPhone reboots itself, you’re done with this process.

How Can I Restart My Phone Without The Button?

– Plug the Phone into an electric or USB charger. …
– Enter Recovery Mode and reboot the phone. …
– “Double-tap to wake” and “Double-tap to sleep” options. …
– Scheduled Power ON/OFF. …
– Power Button to Volume Button app. …
– Find the professional phone repair provider.

How Do I Factory Reset My IPhone With Buttons?

– Hold the sleep/wake button ( It is located on the right side of iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus. …
– Hold them both until you see the screen go black. …
– Wait until the silver Apple logo appears.
– When this happens, you can let go – the iPhone is rebooting.

How Do I Factory Reset My IPhone 7 Without Apple ID?

How to Erase the iPhone without Apple ID: Step 1: Launch your Settings app. Step 2: Click “Reset > Erase All Content and Settings” tabs. Step 3: Enter your passcode when prompted, and click “Erase iPhone”.

How Do I Manually Reset My IPhone?

– Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
– Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
– Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears, then release the Side button.

How Do I Hard Reset My IPhone 7 With Buttons?

– Hold down the Volume Down button on the left side of the device and the Sleep/Wake button on the right side of the device at the same time.
– Now, hold the buttons for approximately 10 seconds until the screen goes dark and an Apple logo appears on the screen.

Why Wont My IPhone 7 Do A Hard Reset?

If your power button or volume down button is broken, you may not be able to perform a hard reset on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. If your iPhone is still under warranty, the Apple Store may cover the cost of the repair for you. Go to Apple’s support page to set up an appointment at your local Apple Store.

Can You Use IPhone 7 Without Home Button?

Unlike previous Apple smartphones, the iPhone 7 doesn’t use a mechanical home button; in fact, it doesn’t even move at all.

How Do I Reset My IPhone 7 If My Home Button Is Broken?

Fixing the home button not working problem on your iPhone 7 might be easy through a hard reset process. Simply press and hold the sleep/wake button and the volume down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. If the reset is successful, try pressing the home button to check its functionality.

Can You Fix IPhone 7 Home Button?

If your iPhone 7 home button breaks or needs to be replaced, it will only work if it is recalibrated at an official Apple store. If you don’t have AppleCare+ or aren’t under warranty, the repair will cost $319 for an iPhone 7 and $349 for an iPhone 7 Plus.

Why Is The Home Button On My IPhone Stuck?

The most probable cause is dust or dirt lodged inside. You can fix this with a compressed air can or some rubbing alcohol. Of course, the issue could also be due to a software bug or glitch. You’ll have to either calibrate your home button, update your system, or restore iOS.

How Do I Factory Reset My IPhone Without The Lock Button?

– Press and hold Sleep/Wake + Home buttons altogether.
– Continue holding until the iPhone restarts.
– Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears.

How Can I Make My Home Button Easier To Press?

To change the sensitivity of the iPhone’s home button, Open the Settings app → Tap on General → Tap Accessibility → Scroll down to “Home Button” → Tap on Home Button → Choose a speed → Tap the Home button.

Does Hard Reset Delete Everything IPhone?

A hard reset will restore the iPhone’s setting to its initial configuration by clearing all the third-party applications, data, user settings, saved passwords, and user accounts. The process would delete all stored data on the iPhone.

What Does A Soft Reset Do On IPhone 7?

A soft reset forcefully power-cycles the iPhone and clears all memory. By doing so, you won’t lose any data, and you won’t wipe the device. Think of it as the equivalent of a cold reboot of your computer. A soft reset is necessary when an application or system process becomes unresponsive or start behaving erratically.